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From Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in Nkolfoulou, Cameroon
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The Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education of the Child (CAPEC) was founded by Ms. Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku, who is also local representative of Nkolfoulou village on It is a non- governmental organization (NGO) with Reg. No: G39/014/5/252 working in Cameroon. Since its inception in 2002, the organization has been working with children/youths, parents, Government and intergovernmental bodies in the promotion of issues related to the welfare and rights of children and youths. It works to identify and remedy the needs of children and youths, especially from low income families in the rural areas through a participatory approach.

CAPEC is also engaged in education and training in the areas of HIV/AIDS, youth leadership and NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa’s Development). Popular education thus forms part of its outreach strategies where such a facility would otherwise be unavailable to children and youths in the target communities. This mobilization by CAPEC enables development to come along with community empowerment and social engagement by all concerned.

All of these issues are addressed through a series of programmes and strategies which aim at a sustainable contribution of CAPEC to development within the framework of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals of United Nations), NEPAD and global youth employment frameworks.

Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in Nkolfoulou, Cameroon
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